Health eLabs makes lab work accessible, convenient,
and best of all – affordable.

And before you say “but I have health insurance,
take a look at the advantages we offer:


Health insurance – and health care – are changing. What you shell out for health insurance may be as much as your mortgage, but your deductible is probably in the thousands of dollars. Which means that no matter what your copay might be, you will end up paying for the majority of health care services you receive in any given year. Out of your own pocket.

So don’t be fooled when your plan says an office visit is only $20. That’s just what you’ll pay to get out the door after being seen, and you might be in for a big surprise when the bills start rolling in weeks later. Because if those bills include lab work, the charges for the tests alone could be in the hundreds of dollars, or more.

At Health eLabs, our pricing is typically a fraction of the “usual and customary” charges billed to your health insurance. And we’re upfront with our charges, too, so you’ll always know exactly what to expect. With no surprises. Just like every thing else you buy.


Health insurance isn’t called “managed care” for nothing. To be covered, many health care procedures – even routine labs – have to be approved by your health insurance plan. Or they get denied. Which means that if you decide to go ahead with the tests anyway, you could be on the hook for big bucks. Well, that’s just not right.

Because you shouldn’t have to choose between your health, and your bank account. Instead, you should have the ability to buy the health care services you want, when you want, and as often as you want.

And now you can with Health eLabs, where you have the freedom to get the testing you want – or just the testing you need. So stop waiting for your health insurer to stamp OK, and take charge of your own health care purchasing decisions. Just like everything else you buy.


Establishing and following trends is an important part of staying healthy – especially when it comes to screening for diseases like cancer.

With today’s technology, there’s really no need to keep your medical records on paper anymore. If your old lab results are stuck somewhere in the middle of a paper pile they’ll do you little good when you’re asked to bring them in. And getting a new copy? Well that can sometimes take an act of Congress.

Other online lab services may advertise the same testing that we offer, but take a close look at how your test results get sent to you – by fax, or in the mail. On paper.

At Health eLabs we avoid paper. Instead, all of our patients receive their very own, free, personal online medical record where every lab result gets posted. Which means that you can access your results, save them to your computer, or even print them out if you prefer. After all you bought it, so it’s your information. And with Health eLabs you can easily find it and use it, as much as you want, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just like everything else you buy.


Many online lab services are operated by people who have little or no medical training. Which leaves the question of who – besides you – will review your test results? It’s important, because abnormal values may mean that something potentially harmful is going on. And if they don’t know the significance, then you might not realize there is a problem.

That’s one of the reasons why a physician’s order is required to order lab work in the first place. But some discount lab services don’t even have a full time physician on staff, and if you don’t see a picture of a doctor smiling back at you on the “About Us” page of their website, then you may be on your own.

At Health eLabs we believe in accountability. Every test result is personally reviewed by Dr. Kevin Wacasey, the founder and owner of the company. Even more, every test result has to be signed off by Dr. Wacasey before it can become a part of your personal medical record. It means you can rest assured that, if any of your lab results are abnormal enough to get the Doctor’s attention, then they are going to get your attention, too. So you can have some peace of mind. Just like everything else you buy.

Congratulations on taking an interest in checking your